“Art Therapy”


What is Art Therapy ? ? ?

Treating mental illnesses and improving mental health using art is called “Art Therapy“.

What are the 3 requirements of art therapy?

  • 1 (Art Therapist)
  • 2 (Artist/Client)
  • 3 (Artwork) etc.


Art therapy is available in a variety of ways, not just one-on-one therapy, but group therapy.


What kind of treatment methods are used in Art Therapy?

  • 1 (Drawing)
  • 2 (Coloring)
  • 3 (Painting)
  • 4 (Working with clay)
  • 5 (Sculpting)
  • 6 (Doodling and Scribbling)
    Treated with such methods.

How does Art Therapy work?

In short, Art Therapy mainly works on ‘Body‘, ‘Mind‘ and ‘Soul‘.

How does it work in the “Body”?

Art Therapy uses multiple sensory systems. This is because the whole body is immersed in the work while making an art. If this thing is a very powerful and beautiful thing, it can’t be wrong.

How can it work in “Mind”?

The pictures used in art therapy help people to express their feelings of insecurity. It helps to cope with the terrible and terrible past events more easily.

How does it work in “Soul”?

Art therapy is a psychological exercise because it helps you visualize and understand your own mental state.

How can Art Therapy cure diseases?

  • 1 Too much stress
  • 2 Children who have physical or emotional harm at school or home
  • 3 Children with learning disabilities
  • 4 It can treat conditions such as suffering from mental health problems.

Art therapy is not at all suitable for ordinary people who do not suffer from any mental illness.

Can art therapy cause harm?

It is true that Art Therapy can relieve mental pain. However, sometimes anxiety can lead to more pain. According to some studies, treatment with a low-quality art therapist can be dangerous. Therefore, if you want to receive treatment, it is important to inquire about the professional’s expertise first.

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