Ayla:The Daughter Of War (2017)
Type: War/Drama


Fathers are always fighting for their children.”

Among the movies about a father’s love, I really like this movie. Are you a fan of true stories? Who likes good drama movies? If that’s the case, this movie is not only a true story, but also a drama that shows that events in the outside world are more complicated than a fictional story.



So, Let’s Enjoy =======================

For a Turkish soldier to meet and bond with a little girl from South Korea is a very unlikely event. At that time, South Korea and North Korea were at war. North Korea is also a country where the whole family is killed.

In an innocent village in South Korea, a group of people who are happy without knowing what’s to come.
Soon after, North Korean soldiers arrived and killed children and dogs.
Since South Korea and Turkey are allies, Turkey stepped in and helped South Korea when it was facing such a tragedy.


Süleyman is a major mechanical engineer in the Turkish army. As luck would have it, he was assigned to go to South Korea with his friend Ali. Before going to the front, Süleyman had to say goodbye to his girlfriend. This is the beginning of sorrow. But Süleyman did not know that more than this sad event awaited him.

So the two of them came to South Korea. But the war was over. Since you can go back, Süleyman and Ali refused to go back after they got here and their camp was bombed. On the North Korean side, China came to help.

Just like that, on their way to the battalion, they heard a child crying. There are many dead bodies nearby. Süleyman said he was going to look, but he found nothing, and when he put away the gun and was about to return, he heard the baby crying again. There, I saw a Korean child holding his mother’s body and crying. Süleyman was a man who did not even kill an ant, so he took pity on the child.


The child was too scared to speak. He also does not speak Korean. Because the baby is so cute, the whole group’s love is only for that girl.

They couldn’t ask the girl in their language, so they named her “Ayla“. In Turkish, it is the moon. The little girl’s face is round, so they started calling her like that.

It was there that the bonds became more and more connected. Süleyman said that he would not be without the little girl, and the little girl went everywhere.
In between, love gradually increased. The love between father and daughter, who are not related by blood, became stronger.

What will happen at such a time? Will the pure love between a Turkish soldier and a South Korean girl overcome everything?


This movie tells a lot of things. Love and bonds don’t need languages. If you understand each other, you will get it. This is a movie that shows that bonds are really big. The cute face of the little girl “Kim Soel” who played the role of “Ayla“. Turkish actor “İsmail Hacıoğlu” who played the role of “Süleyman” and the real pictures that appeared at the end of the movie.

It’s a movie that will make you cry until you run out of tears because of the videos. It’s a good movie you should watch. It won a lot of awards, so for those who haven’t seen it yet, I recommend watching it. I really love this true movie.

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