Bamboo Pattala and Details of Making

If you look at a piece of bamboo, you will see small bamboo plates with holes, This is our superficial view. But it’s not that easy. To make bamboo flat leaves, we only use bamboo with a thin and hard shell. That’s why the voice is soft, pleasant and melodious. It is said that the bamboo that grows on the ground has a better sound than the bamboo that grows on the ground.

In this case, it grows in the highlands, Did you get it just by saying it was bamboo? Not yet. The bamboo tree must be more than three or four years old. The cutting must be completed within two to ten days after the full moon of Tan Sang Mon. When cutting, we did not cut the bamboo in the middle of the bamboo plant, but only cut the bamboo on the outside of the bamboo plant, which had been exposed to the sun and rain for more than three or four years. Only then, when the potato leaves become wilted due to the weather, No more lifting. Is it too small?

Cut into Pattala leaves

Only the side of the cut bamboo that is exposed to the sun is used to make patala leaves. Thirteen parts from the root to the thirteen joints. After that, we have to cut it to the size of a potato leaf. It’s thirteen parts, so you can’t use all thirteen leaves. While re-selecting the good sound before the standard, only three of the thirteen leaves were left. Every thirteenth leaf cut should be at least twenty inches. So it could be the missile on the far left of Patala, and the sound of that missile can reach the “C” sound of the world symbol.

Taking time to prepare

Cut the bamboo leaves and stitch them one by one. They were tied together and soaked in mud for four months. Then soak it in water and filter it for about a month. Allow air to dry. After taking a break from the air, I had to put it back on the shelf. The more people you catch, the louder you get, so you have to be caught for at least three years. After three years of stealing, according to the score to adjust the tone. Sorted according to bamboo position. Otherwise, it is often difficult to tune.

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