Britain’s Longest-Serving Santa Claus Has Been Bringing Children Christmas Presents For 60 Years.


A man who is Britain’s longest-serving Santa Claus brings presents to children every Christmas. Now he has been Santa Claus for 60 years. He is a 78-year-old Royal Hull whistleblower.

Since the age of 18 in 1962, Ryle has been dressing up as Santa Claus and giving gifts to children. He never fails to dress up as a jovial and cute Santa Claus (Father Christmas) and bring gifts to the children. Even during the covid epidemic, he followed the rule of staying 6 feet away from others and brought gifts.

When it’s Christmas time, he comes to schools as Santa Claus. Visiting supermarkets and villages has raised more than £55,000 for the charity. Now that he has been Santa Claus for 60 years, he is believed to be the longest serving Santa Claus in Britain and the world.

He has been Santa Claus for 60 years because he didn’t have a good childhood because he wanted other children to experience Christmas time differently than he did. He became Santa Claus because he could bring happiness to children. His reward was seeing the joy on the children’s faces and the sparkle in their eyes.


Rael has also been raising funds for Hope House Children’s Hospices for the past 30 years. Ryle said he will continue to be Santa Claus as long as his body allows because he loves meeting children.

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