Burmese Traditional Food : Mont-hin-khar

Among the traditional foods of the Burmese people, Mont-hin-khar is particularly famous. It is a traditional Burmese food that is enjoyed by both young and old Burmese. It is customary to apply Mont-hin-khar on various occasions such as religious festivals, weddings and charity events. It is an easy and delicious traditional food.

Burmese traditional food Mont-hin-khar

Mont-hin-khar Recipe Step by Step

The ingredients are as follows:

1. Make Mont-hin-khar-afet with rice.

2. Carp – 40

3. 1 omnivore plantain
Remove the old ones and finely chop the young ones. Add saffron (1 teaspoon) and let it soak in water.

Note – Soaking in sesame seeds prevents the intestines of omnivores from turning black.

4. Parsley Beans 1 bunch of coriander
(Slice thinly)

5. Prepare your favorite fried bread.

Prepare Mont-hin-khar-afet

Ingredients to put in the oil pan :

  • Cut 30-kyathar of onion.
  • Crush 15-kyathar of garlic.
  • Crush 5-kyathar of ginger.
  • Cut 3 lemongrass plants.
  • 10-kyathar of oil.
  • Cut 5 red peppers and make chili paste.
  • 1 teaspoon of sesame powder
  • 1 tablespoon of pepper powder
  • Peel 20 small onions.
30-kyathar of Onion

How to prepare?

1. Carp in sauce (half a bowl of tea), sesame powder (1/3 teaspoon), mashed with lemongrass (1 plant) and boiled.
2. Peel the boiled carp.
3. Mix the results and then wash it with water and set aside the boiled water.

15-kyathar of garlic, 5-kyathar of ginger, 3 lemongrass plants,10-kyathar of oil, 5 red peppers

How to cook?

1. Add oil to the pan and when the oil is hot, crushed garlic, red lemongrass Add ginger.

Prepare favorite fried bread

2. After, chili paste and sesame powder mix.

3. After adding fish meat, add pepper powder (1 teaspoon) and stir.

4. If you have finished for the fish-oil, put the omnivore intestines, fish-oil, fish broth, fish bone soup, and lemongrass mix.

5. Leave it long with the fire enough for the sweet flavors to permeate the omnivore’s intestines.

6. Add 7 liters of hot water after the omnivore is soft.

7. When the soup boils, add roasted rice powder and chicken powder while stirring the soup with a spoon.
If you add ingredients once, it tends to be very hard. Depending on how thick and thin the broth is, add roasted rice flour. And then, add chicken powder sauce, salt and sugar.

Put on the fire for a long time after ingredients are soft.

8. Add small pieces of onion.

9. When the onions are soft, put the Mont-hin-khar-afet. You can add any fries you like and can eat on the spot.

Delicious Burmese traditional Mont-hin-khar

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