Burmese Traditional ‘Kun Taung Kai’ Girls

Nowadays, It has already started to disappear Burmese traditional Kun Taung Kai.

The ‘Kun Taung Kai’ girl is a beautiful ornament of Burmese traditional charity events and is full of the following qualities.

  • A true virgin without a boyfriend.
  • The most beautiful in the village and must be on the most beautiful list.
  • Both parents must be had.
  • The body must be healthy and full.
  • The girl’s mother and father have not the remarriage of next.
  • Specified educational qualifications must be fulfilled.
  • Must have moderate wealth.
  • Background of relative’s history must be clear.
  • Villagers, neighborhood residents must be appreciated on her.
A girl holding ‘Kun Taung’ with other girls holding ‘ ‘Pan Taung’, ‘ Ngae Taung’, ‘Shwe Taung’ and all of girls are called ‘Kun Taung Kai’

According to the ancient tradition, only if these signs are fulfilled, the girl will be ‘Kun Taung Kai’.

It is not as easy as it seems that girl to be ‘Kun Taung Kai’. When She holds ‘Kun Taung’, other young girls follows to support her by holding ‘Pan Taung’, ‘Ngae Taung’, ‘Shwe Taung’.

Girls holding ‘Pan Taung’, ‘Ngae Taung’, ‘Shwe Taung’ are ordinary girls and no matter their qualities is not perfect as girl holding ‘Kun Taung’.

In today’s time, it’s not just that the genuine ‘Ku Taung Kai’ is rare. Even married women are doing ‘Kung Taung

Making of ‘Kun Taung’

In the making of ‘Kun Taung’, it is processed with seven green banana leaves and seven betel leaves each.

Nowadays, most of the ‘Kun Taung Kai’ only use fakes made by the shops.

‘Kun Taung’ processed with seven green banana leaves and seven betel leaves each

‘Kun Taung’ is associated with spirits of gods. Until the girls are qualified, they can’t do it.

Regarding the Burmese tradition, you can read in detail in the famous Burmese writer Khin Khin Htoo‘s classic novels ‘Ma Eain Kan’ and ‘Fak Sein Kun Taung’.

‘Ma Eain Kan’ Novel which contains about ‘Kun Taung Kai’

In these books, the rural expressions of the Burmese people in the upper region, the powerful Burmese traditional medicine uses and lovely Burmese geological customs are written in detail, and the novel ‘Fak Sein Kun Taung’ is a classic novel that won the National Literature Award in 2003.

Classi novel ‘Fak Sein Kun Taung’ that won the National Literature Award in 2003

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