College Jin Nay Win (or)

His name will live forever

(footballer, artist)



College Jin Nay Win was founded in 1928 by police assistant U Thet Pae and teacher Daw Tin in Nyaung Pintha Village, Hinthata Township. He was born on October 1st. Known by the younger names Papoo and Nedon. Mr. Kan Min from Hinthata City. He was educated in a mission school. Due to the conditions of life, he had to go and sell milk and get an education.



His first stept football player 


According to the life situation, he wandered around and sold milk. He also tried to play football as a hobby. After leaving school with a partial education, he joined the Tatmadaw (Navy) in 1945 as an ordinary sailor. From playing football while serving as a navy man, he not only became the Tatmadaw (Navy) national team footballer in 1949, but was selected as the Tatmadaw (Army, Navy, Air Force) national team footballer in 1950 due to his outstanding playing skills.



College Jin Nay Win served in the Tatmadaw (Army) and not only played football representing the Tatmadaw, but also tried to pass university matriculation and passed matriculation in 1951. He then resigned from the Army (Navy) and continued to attend Yangon University in 1952. As soon as he arrived at the university, he was allowed to play in the university football team. During College Jin Nay Win was studying at Yangon University, he met the father of his life and teacher, the university sports captain Say Nyein. Under the care of Master Nying, I had to live and study in a dormitory with Master Nying.

Even in his university life, he was selected not only as the university’s national football team, but also as Myanmar’s national football team. India as Myanmar’s national team Pakistan China In addition to visiting Japan and Indonesia to play football, he was awarded as the best football player in 1956 by the Myanmar Football Federation. He received his BA degree from Yangon University in 1958.



Call “College Jin Nay Win”


In February 1959
The movie College Jin was released in theaters, but it was not very popular, but gradually it became prominent among the audience, and in the story of director U Chin Sein, with the co-stars of Academy Myint Myint Khin, it was successful until the name of the film was added to the front of the name “College Jin Nay Win”.


College Jin Nay Win’s Flims


He started acting in 1959 and made over 164 films.

* Some of the films shot by Jin Nay Win in college:

  • “Can’t get rid of the sun
  • The young virgin and the old man
  • It’s hard to see
  • With flowers
  • Mon Mu owner
  • The sound
  • Amber color”

Filmed such films.





College Jin Nay Win’s Falling Life¬†


College Jin Nay Win in 1983; He died at Yangon Hospital at 05:05 on June 2nd. The news of his death spread in Yangon and then continued to spread throughout Burma. The people who love and respect him are happy. They are broken and sad. When he was buried in the Nanatto Christian Cemetery, he was escorted by people who loved and respected him.


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