Cough With Winter


The most heard in winter is the sound of coughing. Coughing is more common in the cold, dry winter than in the rest of the season. Why do you think this is? If you find it hard to think, don’t think. Just read this letter.

It’s not just people who like the coldness of winter. I also like bugs that can cause respiratory problems. During this period, their survival time is longer and they can cause more harm to people. That’s why in the winter, colds, flu, cough runny nose Nasal congestion is common.

Why is cough bad in winter?

In winter, people of all ages are more likely to have a cough, and it can also cause coughing in people with asthma. This is because there are many pathogens in the air and the air is cold and dry.

The change in temperature in the environment is also the reason why cough gets worse in winter.


What should I do if I don’t have a bad cough in winter?

To prevent cough in winter;

Drink plenty of water – the presence of moisture in the respiratory tract helps to relieve coughing. Staying hydrated can keep your lungs healthy.

Turn on the air humidifier – Turning on the air humidifier in the living room can also prevent dry airways and prevent coughing.

Wear a mask – Wearing a mask is a way to protect the respiratory tract from infections. So don’t forget to wear a mask every time you go out to avoid coughing due to winter infections.

Eat Nutrients – Nutrient boosts the immune system and can help relieve coughs due to respiratory infections.
Wash your hands – fingers and face are the most common places for germs. Infections can enter the respiratory tract from bites on the nose, etc., and cause coughing. So wash your hands after handling anything.

Follow these tips and try to avoid coughing in winter.

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