DC Movie Black Adam Is The Most Watched HBO Max

The Rock’s (Dwayne Johnson) 2022 DC movie Black Adam is coming to HBO Max on December 17th.

◼ Although HBO Max does not have a system to measure the amount of views, according to the measurements of Flix Patrol, which monitors streaming platforms, it is known that Black Adam has the highest number of views on HBO Max.

◼ Black Adam has broken the record of the most watched movie in Amsterdam, which is shown on HBO Max. Amsterdam held the top spot on HBO Max for nearly ten days.

◼ Black Adam used a budget of almost two hundred million dollars, but the total amount of money received was only 389 million dollars, so it can be determined that it was a loss in terms of the box office.

◼ Actor Henry Cavill was paid $500,000 for a credit scene in Black Adam and a cameo in the 2023 film The Flash, but Henry Cavill had to give up the role of DC’s Superman.

◼ The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) was offered to reprise his role as Black Adam in another DC movie, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, but The Rock declined.

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