All DC Titles Are Under The Control Of DC Studios ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After WBD changed DC Films to DC Studios, new management was appointed and standards were drawn up to improve the future of the DCU (formerly DCEU). In the past, the media reported that DC Studios would only control the operations related to the DCU, so we, James Gunn and Peter Safran, will only handle the DCU, Matt Reeves’ “The Batman”, Todd Phillips’ “Joker” and other “CW” series. Netflix has known that “The Sandman” will be exclusive.


James Gunn


However, one day James Gunn asked a fan on his Mastodon social media, “What will Matt Reeves’ Batman Universe be like? Who will own it? Will he be under DC Studios?” When asked, he replied, “Every DC title is under DC Studios.”

Peter Safran


This answer confirms that all CW projects such as The Batman, Joker, The Sandman, and The Flash will be under the control of DC Studios headed by James Gunn and Peter Safran. In addition, animation projects can also be determined to be under DC Studios. However, regarding the animation, we have to wait for the confirmation.

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