Edelweiss Flower On The Alpes Mountain


Korea drama fans will know this flower. In the drama “Crash Landing On You”, the captain gave the flower to the actress. The name is “Edelweiss”.

There is a story about the “Edelweiss”.

In the snow-covered Alps, there lived a young woman named Edelweiss.

She lives alone in an ice house on a mountain. Because her reality is an angel. But the god made her look like a lady and let her stay on top of the mountain.

One day, Edelweiss, who was playing on the top of a mountain, unexpectedly met a young man. The young man was more surprised than she was. A girl is alone on the top of this mountain. In fact, the place where she lives is the highest peak in the Alps, and she has to train for a long time to climb to that place.

Edelweiss Flowers

The young man fell in love with Edelweiss at first sight. That’s why he went down the mountain and told people. There, people come to the high mountains to see the Edelweiss. The mountain is so high that many people die climbing it. Unable to feel that, Edelweiss asked the goddess to return to her original angelic form and call him back to heaven. And so the white flowers bloomed where the Edelweiss returned. These flowers are called “Edelweiss”.

Alpes Mountain In Switzerland


Edelweiss is a very popular and beautiful plant that grows in the Alpes mountains in Switzerland. Switzerland is famous for its lakes and mountains. German name. “Edel” means “Royal”, “Weiss” means “White”.

In Switzerland, “Edelweiss” Flower is the National Flower. It represents “love” or “adoration”. As mentioned above, this flower blooms among the rocks of the Alps. Between 1800 and 3000 meters above sea level. The flower blooms on very rocky and high places, so there are climbers who have died trying to pick this flower.

So, if you bring this flower home and give it to your loved ones, they will give it with the meaning of “I would give my life for you”.


And there is a Switzerland legend about this flower. A long time ago, a mountaineer fell in love with an angel who came down to earth for a while. But the fairy didn’t like it and left only Edelweiss flowers for him.

This flower has another meaning. “Precious memories”.

The flower has a sweet fragrance like Hyacinth. It is native to the Alps in Europe, but it also grows in Asia.

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