Elon Max was honored with a unique 30-foot statue


Elon Max, who became the owner of Twitter, was honored with a unique statue. That unique statue is a half-man riding a rocket. Half animal. The goat’s body is covered with the face of Elon Max. The estimated value of this statue is $600,000.

This statue is the creation of digital currency company Elon Goat Token ($EGT). I plan to present this statue to Elon Max in his workplace. A year after the statue was built, the team that created the statue said it was time to take it to Elon Musk. I want to meet Elon Max and I want to give you that. He is also said to be the GOAT – Great of all Time because he is the most creative man alive.


They created a $600,000 statue to celebrate Elon Max’s achievements and commitment to digital currency.
The statue’s aluminum head was created by Canadian sculptors Kevin and Michelle Stone. It took more than 700 hours to make it look like Elon Max. Kevin said he was proud of it because it looked exactly like Elon Max.

The statue will be delivered to Elon Musk on November 26. They invited Elon Max to receive this gift. Elon Max has not yet responded to their invitation.


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