FIFA World Cup 2022 Semi-Final:
the current champion, France
has reached the final twice

France 2 – 0 Morocco
Hernandez 4′
Colo Muani 79′

In the 4th minute of the match, Grieman got the ball from a mistake by the Moroccan team and passed it back to Mbede. Mbede’s kick was defended by Morocco’s backline, but Theo Hernandez volleyed the ball that came out to touch the ball and took the lead. In the 16th minute, Giroud’s shot was good, but it hit the post. After that, Giroud Mbete failed to take advantage of the opportunities that would have made it 2-0, and near the end of the first half, Yamit’s back kick unfortunately hit the post, and the first half ended 1-0.

In the second half, the Moroccan team pressed for a goal and had opportunities, but there was a need in the end, and the French backline and the goalkeeper made a steady defense, so the equalizer was not possible. France focused on the counter-attack and relied on the speed of Mbé Pei.

Later, Deschamps added the speedy Torum and Kolomouani to exploit the spaces in Morocco’s back line. In the 79th minute, substitute player Muani blocked Mbe Pei’s kick and made it 2-0.

French team reached the World Cup finals twice in a row and will play against Argentina. Special praise must be given to the Moroccan team, which performed brilliantly in this tournament. Despite the injury problems, they fought their best and did not give up until the end.

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