The Burmese Kings and Kanbawza State’s Shan Sawbyors have always tried to get along. Both always tried to live lovingly like a family.

Shan Sawbyor gave his daughter and gifts to Burmese kings. Burmese kings gave them back the title of hero and the power to govern their territories.

Only Shan Sawbyor used to give his daughter, and there is no custom of Burmese kings giving his daughter back.

However, in 1215 (1853) during King Minton’s reign, Kyinetone’s Sawbyor Saytsenan, with titled “Gamnala Rat Mahazeyaraja”, married his sister “Yadarna Devi” and was not promoted.

Here Mahadavi (Yadarna Davi) is assumed that the actress appointed as the actress will be an ordinary young actress.

Now Mahadavi is one of the 8 daughters who received the title of ‘Suphara’ during King Minton’s reign. Her brother was the heir to the throne of his father, so she was the king’s older sister.

Such a great actress became Mahadavi.
At that time, the country was destroyed and the throne was destroyed. The actress was helpless and dependent only on the English pension, and she was the most fortunate person to have reached such a life.

The lucky actress is ‘Pakhangyi Suphara’, the sister of Thipao Min, the last king of Konpaung.

She was borned from Queen ‘Long Shal’ in 1218 (1856) and the second eldest daughter among four siblings, but the eldest princess died at the age of 8, so she became the eldest among the rest of her siblings (Prince Thipao, Queen Mithila).

Her father, King Minton, initially gave her the title of “Thuthri Adana Devi” and the city of Chon Taung.

In 1240, after the death of King Minton, when her brother Prince Thipao became king, she was awarded the title of ‘Pakhangyi Suphara’.

The king’s sister lived in the palace for 7 years, and in 1247 (1885) King Thipao abdicated the throne, and the entire country became the slaves of British. At that time, she and her sister had to live in a place that had been given to her by her father, the King.

The British government made her a first-class actress and paid her 150 rupees a month, which was later increased to 300 rupees.

After the fall of the throne, the Italian councilor accused her of owing more than 9,000 money and summoned her to court.

Thipao State’s Sawbyor Saytkhonsai found out that the evidence was inconclusive and recommended that she be exempted from prosecution forever. The English government did the same.

Shortly after that, Sawbyor asked for marriage, and 1 year later in 1248, she arrived as Mahadavi, the consort of Sawbyor.

At that time, she was only 30 years old and Sawbyor was already 47 years old, about 17 years older than her.

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