“Halloween Night 👻🦇🎃”

The word Halloween is an abbreviation of Hallowed Evening and Holy Evening. November 1 is All Saints’ Day, also known as All Saints’ Day, as well as New Year’s Day in the Celtic calendar. Before that day, the evening of October 31 is the last night of the old year and is also considered Halloween Day.

Halloween comes from the Celts’ harvest festival of Samhain. On that day, it is a traditional event where family members pray for their loved ones who have passed away. But today, most people start celebrating Halloween party as a fun festival. The actual time of Halloween is October 31st from 5:30pm to 9:00pm.


There are many concepts of Halloween and one of them is

It is said that when Halloween night comes, the evil Samhain comes and haunts people, so they dress up pretending to trick him.

That night is the night where the forces of good and evil compete. One of the most interesting ideas is that on Halloween night, the door between the worlds of the dead and the living opens, and the dead can visit and the living can go to that world…

As I understand it, I think two different Time Spaces fell into one that night…
If someone alive could see the world of the dead and visit, they would have to return before 12 o’clock, otherwise they would be trapped in the world of the dead until next Halloween night.
Jack” the Lamp is the most popular of Halloween’s famous ghosts.


Jack used to be a very reserved and outgoing person. Because of that, he was able to cheat even death and promise not to take his soul if he died…
But he is not a good person until he reaches heaven. Since he is dead, he will no longer be a person. So I’m stuck in the middle.

In order to find a way to tell him to escape from that life, he asked death for an unquenchable coal, and he dug his favorite food, white radish, and lit it on fire.
Now they use pumpkin…
Year after year, Jack is still looking for it.


Symbols of Halloween


  • 1. Owl🦉
  • 2. Jack O’ Lantern ( 🎃 pumpkins) (Actually, Jack didn’t carve a pumpkin and light it. It reads that he carved a white turnip. Later, the Irish people used the easy-to-carve pumpkin as a substitute for Jack O’Lantern.)
  • 3. Trick or Treat
  • 4. Bat 🦇
  • 5. Haunted House
  • 6. Ghosts 👻
  • 7. Apple Bobbing Game
    (It’s a game where you put apples in a bucket of water and bite the apples that appear on the water without taking them with your hands.)

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