Hingamao Htate Khao Tin : The Princess Who Fell In Love With Ordinary Man

After the loss of the throne of Konepao, King Minton’s daughters and princesses had to do nothing and find support for their lives and were forced to marry people close to them. At that time, most of the princes who were to be chosen as their spouses were no longer there because many had been executed since Thipao’s ascension, so they had to choose ordinary men who were lower in honor than themselves as spouses, which caused many people to question.

Princess Hingamao

Among them, Prince Maung Maung Tin, who compiled the great history of the Konepao Dynasty, wrote that he was so upset that he composed a song for the princesses who were the daughters of the king and married ordinary civilians. Therefore, King Minton’s daughter, Kwakri Princess, was forced to move to a village in the lower part of the country because she married a foreigner.

But the lyricist Hingamao who took the monk’s exit was the Aga actress who retorted harshly by writing a lyrical song saying, “It is a rare time for a prince to marry, a mouth that slanders, to feed a shoe.”

Hingamao Princess was born in 1228 by her mother Hlaing Gyun Queen. She was the youngest daughter among 4 siblings. Since her two older brothers were too young, she had to live and grow up with her older sister, Princess Tungdong Choin.

His mother, Queen Hlaing Gyun, was a queen who was well-versed in literature, and who was famous in the court alongside the other queen of King Minton, Queen Ngeng Zun. Because of this, her daughter Hingamao Princess was also able to write and compose court novels, not only like her mother the queen.

After her father, King Minton passed away, in 1243 during the reign of Thipao, the Hingmao princess was honored to say the five words of blessing because she held a silver coin in parallel with Taita Princess.

After King Thipao’s death, Hingamao Princess and his three daughters and mother had to leave the palace and lived in a two-story mansion built on an island in Mandalay. While living like this, the Hingamao princess shared her house with Maung Maung Kyin, a monk who was going in and out of her house begging for alms.

Hungmao Princess could not bear the beatings of U Maung Maung Kyin, a monk who became an alcoholic, and ended up getting a permanent divorce after having three children. 8 years after her divorce from U Maung Maung Kyin, the Hung Maw actress remarried again to U Maung Maung, an ordinary civilian with a clean and dignified appearance. Hingamao Princess gave birth to a son from her second marriage.

Hingamao Princess died in 1303 when she was 78 years old, and she was one of the longest-lived daughters of King Minton. Hingamao Princess only after the fall of the throne, she wrote poems and letters with the power of her pen. like her aunt, Hlaing Htate Khao Tin Princess, she wrote the great court novel “Thuriya Kumam”.

Hingamao Princess is a king’s daughter, but she is distinguished by environment and holds the attitude that she is the master of her own destiny in her life.

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