There are extraordinary wooden religious communities with nitty gritty craftsmanships, for example, ‘Golden’ Cloister and ‘Maha Wai Yan Bon Thar-Bakaya’ Monastery,that are mirroring the incomparable Myanmar structural style.

‘Shwe In Bin’ Cloister is a wooden religious community worked in custom of Myanmar teak engineering. The religious community was implicit 1895 by Chinese-Burmese trader ‘U Set Shwin’ and his better half ‘Daw Bwar’ who is a Burmese imperial extraction. It is an old wooden religious community and around 127 years of age.

The religious community was assembled utilizing 167 wooden support points and there comprised eight block steps. ‘Shwe In Bin’ is breathtaking with different wood-carvings.

‘Shwe In Bin’ Cloister can be perceived as a verifiable legacy where you can see Myanmar customary design.

‘Atumashi’ Cloister is situated in Mandalay. It was implicit 1859 when Lord ‘Mindon’ moved the money to Mandalay at an expense of 5millions in building this cloister.

The first cloister is worked with teak and it is adorned with concrete. The pyathats were implicit rectangular shape and these five pyathats were encircled by 6 porches.

Inside the cloister, there was a holy place that came from Siri linkar and furthermore a 30ft tall Buddha Picture which was decorated with valuable precious stone.

This extraordinary religious community called Atumashi was annihilated in fire in 1892 and we lost the delightful expressions made inside cloister.

This ongoing cloister is the reproduction of Burma’s Archeological division.

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