Historical places that visitor must watch in the city of cultural heritage are here

1. Khaymarthiwon Temple

Khaymarthiwon temple is more than 100 years of age situated in Mandalay, the city of social legacy of Myanmar, and it was worked by the woman Mama Zin in 1919 .

Obliging in excess of 200 monks was sufficiently huge. Initially there were four major steps and it was worked with block and designed with glass and gold.

It was annihilated by fire during The Second Great War there actually stays the front area of building. As metropolitan life expands, it is lowered among private structures. In any case superb legacy was brilliant previously.

2. Eaindawya Pagoda

Eaindawya Pagoda is situated in Chan Yes Thar Zan Municipality, Mandalay. It was worked by Ruler Bagan in 1847.
It was based on the site of his home when he was ruler before he rose the high position.

The blessed unbrella of the pagoda was set up in 1848 and it was named to Mahalawkayanthi Pagoda. There were numerous Myanmar structural structures inside the yard of the sanctuary.
It was endured harms by fire once in 1910 and once in The Second Great War.

Later it has been remade and given throughout the long term and as of now, it can in any case be viewed as the fabulous pagoda of Mandalay.


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