History Of Thadingyut Festival 

The reason why the Thadingyut festival happened is that Gautama Buddha’s body was offered to others to become Buddha, and he received the gifts of four hundred thousand worlds.

Siddhartha’s life was the last to be fulfilled. After seeing the four signs that make human life boring, he went out into the wilderness of Migada. The five monks had met when going of his hair. He accepted the service and practiced dukkarasayira for six years, but he did not attain godhood.

Pyinsathikha god stringed the string from his big Veluva harp. When he warned him to slow down, the Buddha’s body came to his senses and gave up his bad habits.

Donated it to the banyan tree of the rich daughter of Daw Thuzata

Don’t lose weight by using milk that day. He did the way of middle because of the five pentagrams, the body of God they separated and left.

Finally, alone in the jungle of Migadavon, Buddha survived and defeated the devil and the understanding of Pabbeniwa Dibba’s knowledge. He received the wisdom of Asavakhara. He is truly God in the three worlds did.

After he became a god, he went to the forest of Uruvela where there are five pentagrams. After the ceremony, the first religious ceremony preached for seven days.

After that, the full moon of the great year 109, in the evening, Buddha went to his mother in Tarwa Tain Thar to preach.

Spirits, including mother and son Brahma, all one day and one day (human life during the three months of lent in the temple). Abhidhamma Dhamma Day and night he preached on the day of the full moon, he closed the meditation camp.

Therefore, from the land of the gods to the human land return to the city of Thaksin Gore, Buddha was there with all the people from the human world. People offered incense to the Buddha.


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