How To Build Burmese Piano


Making the beginnings of the bamboo side into a straw

First, peel off the small pieces of bamboo, I had to slice it thickly and spread it out in order. Then, after drawing a straight center line from the far left dart to the far right finger, we had to find the sound to string.

Pattala strings’s distance

There are two ways to set up the distance between the slats. It is one of the gradually widening from the tip of the right hand (small) to the ball of the left hand (large). It’s one thing to put them at the same distance from the top to the end without widening. It is said that the size is the same, it looks more beautiful, and it is more elegant to play.

Short length

As for the length of the short hair, the left end of the finger is about twice as long as the tip of the right hand, and it is left to right in proportion.

Sound detection and installation

When looking for sound, pinch the tip of the left side of the dart with your thumb. From the other side, knock with your finger and listen until you get the sound you like. I had to mark the place where I was holding the scissors. In the same way, I had to mark the original sound search.

After that, the two marked places of both were drawn with a string, and the position of the potato leaf and the pictures of the shoe were weighed.

After getting the position you like, you have to pierce each hair of the hair according to the string line, two holes at the top and two holes at the bottom. I had to pierce it slowly, following the shape of the pattala, where the base was sucking the fever. If the piercing is not in place, the patala sound is often affected.

The holes on the bottom should be evenly spaced from the top holes to the top of the potato leaf. After all the holes are drilled, we have to adjust the tone by stringing the pattala hairs.

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