Humiliation Of Queen Of The Middle Palace, Sinphyu Mashin

The queen of King Minton’s middle palace, in the Mandalay Yadanapon Palace, was a long-suffering woman for pride. She was famous for being a laughing stock. That queen was once humiliated by an ordinary princess.

The princess born from the second queen of King Minton. This princess is the elder sister of Prince Makhara, one of the 4 eldest sons of Minton. In addition, she is the consort of Prince Patung, the eldest son of Prince Ka Naung.

It is not surprising that the queen of the middle palace is more jealous than others. This is because King Minton himself, including the queen of the North Palace and the queen of the South Palace, who are above her now, were once under her.

Queen Sinphyu Mashin born from the chief queen and king of the founder of the Konpao era. From that life, she reached a life of being an orphan and dependent on others. In order to break her pride, King Minton only gave the middle palace meanwhile gave the North palace to Khin Thae, a commoner above her.Khin Thae was once a servant of her mother Mae Nu.

She was perfect to be the main queen, but she only got one elephant and did not get the position of main queen.
In addition, she was the only one of the four royal queens to give birth to children, but King Minton did not choose her daughters as the main princesses, and choose only the ordinary queen’s daughter as the main princess. By looking at these, King Minton always suppressed her pride.

After Prince Kanung was assassinated, Prince Makhara had the potential to become the crown prince.

Since Prince Makhara might be the next king, she arranged for Prince Makhara to marry her daughter. But, at that time, Makhra Prince’s sister Kani Princess refused. The news immediately spread through the court and she was humiliated.

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