In The Movie “Titanic”, James Cameron Conducted A Scientific Experiment To See If A Piece Of Paper Could Save Both Of Them

◼ Director James Cameron‘s classic drama film “Titanic” is a film that is still receiving support from the audience, and fans are still debating about the sinking scene of the Titanic.

Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) falls for Rose (Kate Winslet) during a shipwreck and drowns himself in the sea. Most of the fans think that sheet of paper both Jack and Rose can also be carried, and they think that Jack does not need to go into the water to die for Rose, and to this day, they are still questioning director James Cameron.

◼ Director James Cameron conducted a scientific experiment to see if two people could survive on the same sheet of paper when the Titanic sank.

“To find out a solution to this issue once and for all, we are scientifically testing it. We have also called in a temperature expert and are using the plane model from the movie to find a test solution. We have made a slightly unusual fix and we will know the results of that in February.”

◼ For the experiment, James Cameron also used two stuntmen of the same weight as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. James Cameron said, “During the experiment, we used two stuntmen of the same weight as Leo and Kate. We placed sensors inside and outside of both of them and asked them both to go down into the ice water. We tried to see if there is a way for both of them to survive in the water. The answer is that neither of them will survive, only one will survive.”

◼ 2023, to see how Titanic tested whether a piece of rubber could save both of them. The 4k version of Titanic, which will be released in February, will be included in the form of a documentary.

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