Happy Diwali Day


This Pawali (Dewali) day, which is usually celebrated in “India“, is a traditional “Hindu” festival of lighting that falls between October and November every year. Let me show you the knowledge about Diwali, which is called Diwali.

Diwali is a religious festival that originated in India. In India, there are Hindus as well as Sikhs and Jains, so they also participate. Diwali festival is held every year and usually lasts up to (5) days. It is said that they are held depending on the position of the moon in the sky.

Diwali (Dipawali) in ancient Indian language means light rays. On Diwali nights, like the festival, every house lights candles. The festival of Diwali is also said to be an offering to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. The goddess is believed to visit burning houses and bring wealth and happiness.



Hindus regard this night as the darkest night of the year, and offer light to Lakshmi, the goddess of growth, in order to overcome the darkness with light and give strength and perseverance throughout the year.

This festival is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains make flowers, house the lamps road In places of worship and prayer, lit and offered. Before this Pawali night, religious people clean their houses Clean your hands and welcome Diwali night.

Another belief is that Diwali is also considered to be a festival that defeats evil enemies. It is also believed that it was celebrated for the victory of Rama and Maethita who returned after defeating Ravana (King of Dasagiri in Burma). Another belief is that it is also said that Mother Kali is a symbol of the victory over evil and King Krishna.

Diwali is not only a lamp-lighting ceremony, but also an exchange of cakes, They give gifts, Decorate the house and have a fun festival. Another thing to see along with Diwali is Rangoli. Rangoli is a kind of calligraphy of the Hindu people and is drawn with colored powders. Rangoli are drawn inside the house and under the eaves of the house to welcome the gods and ward off evil.

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