Is Panthua Princess from Vishnu City ?

To find that answer, it is have to look for the original history book. A son named Vishnu was born from the union of Sandamukhi Beyluma and Sula Khattra, the younger of the two reigning siblings. The city he founded was not the Vishnu city known today.

The first Vishnu city, founded by Prince Vishnu, was destroyed by Khmer attacks in 210-215 AD. The Mon-Khmas and the Phadyas who came from southern India settled there, and the second Vishnu city was also called the land of Panthua. After the city was recaptured from the hands of foreigners around 500 AD, the city’s life ended after the Hundredth Army of the Era of the Red Army recaptured it.

The story of Queen Panthua, also known as Queen Vishnu, is about King Duttapaw, the founder of the Hundred Years Empire in the Sera period in 443 BC and a princess from the land of Chum in southern India. Therefore, the story of Queen Panthua, which is a subject that is misunderstood by many people, is an imaginary story of the writers, mixing two different times and two different regions.

As Vishnu has a river near Vishnu, the legend of the Great Fake Moon and the river is a mystery that remains to be explored. Vishnu city also has the mountain Vishnu city and the Mahamyai Vishnu city near Kalewa. The more you study history, the deeper it becomes.

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