Jenna Ortega, The Actress Of Wednesday Series


I Think Almost Everyone Has Seen The Movie “Wednesday” Which Is A Very Popular Netflix Series Among Young People.

Jenna Ortega created Wednesday’s choreography herself when she contracted Covid-19.

◼ The famous dance scene of Netflix’s Wednesday episode was choreographed by actress Jenna Ortega herself when she was infected with Covid-19.

◼ In an interview with NME last November, Jenna Ortega had this to say about Wednesday’s dance.

“I came up with the choreography myself. I’m not a dancer, but that’s obvious. I knew the song a week in advance, so I did it because it was the first day I got HIV. It was weird when I woke up that day. I’ve never been sick before, and it wasn’t that bad. It was like I’d been hit by a car, and it was like a goblin had entered my neck and scratched the wall of my esophagus. I had to take medicine while I was waiting for a medical check-up during filming.”

◼ When Jenna Ortega was found to be infected with the virus, Wednesday’s production company, MGM, had to pull Jenna Ortega off the set.

Wednesday actress Jenna Ortega is not a fan of pop music.

He likes the song ‘Dance Monkey’ from “Tones And I” the most, and he added it to his do-not-play list. How much do you dislike this song?

“If anyone in my house keeps opening this jar over and over again, I’m going to kick them out,” he said on Netflix’s “Cookie Jar with the cast of Wednesday.”

“Did you know that there is a Korean song in the theme song of the Wednesday episode?”

In addition to the actors involved in this story, the dialogues are also very touching, so there is no mistake that it is a good story that is still popular.

Also, the theme songs included in the story cannot be left out. Some of the famous theme songs included in the series have been told.

In particular, there is a song from Wednesday’s famous prom scene, so please continue reading below to find out which song it will be.

  • 1.In dreams by Roy Orbison (Episode 1 )
  • 2.Can’t stop by Rhythm King(Ha Woo Sam) (Episode 1)
  • 3.Paint it back by Rolling stones (Wednesday playing Cello theme,Episode 1)
  • 4.Its a shame by RAC ft.Pink Feathers(Episode 4)
  • 5.The beginning by Magdalena Bay(Episode 4)
  • 6.Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps(Episode 4)
  • 7.Physical by Dua Lipa Episode 4)
  • 8.If I be wrong by Wolf Larsen(Episode 7)
  • 9.Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga
  • 10.Don’t worry Be happy by Bobby McFerrin(Episode 2)

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