Jungkook’s ❝Dreamers❞ Song Is Became South Korea’s New ❝National Anthem❞


South Korea beat Portugal 2-1 to become the next Asian team to advance to the playoffs. When the South Korean team won, FIFA celebrated with Jungkook‘s “Dreamers” song . Dreamers is still one of South Korea’s favorite songs.

Jung Kook

In addition, Yoona sunbaenim from Girls’ Generation (SNSD), one of the top Kpop groups of the 2nd generation, also congratulated the South Korean team on her Instagram story with Jungkook’s Dreamers song. J-Hope hyung also paid tribute with his little brother’s song.
Hoba Hyung is really supportive.

A South Korean also praised Jungkook as follows;

❝ I am proud to have the opportunity to play the World Cup song sung by our nation at our country’s victory. Few countries have such experience. We, South Korea, are a country that can penetrate the world as a powerful country in the field of sports and culture.

At present, we have received many good reviews about Dreamers. Dreamers, which was written by the boy himself and officially credited as a songwriter, is a unique track that has received the love of South Korean people and the whole world.

Dreamers has established itself as a landmark in the hearts of Koreans. The boy who loves his country and his people very much will be very happy and proud that the South Korean team won. The precious Jeon Jungkook of the Jeon generation.

Jung Kook

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