Kadawgyi’s duties and their three questions

During the time of the ancient Burmese Kings, only 16 women were allowed to be called ‘Kadawgyi’ among the husbands and wives of ministers and nobles who had to carry out the duties of the state, and the rest of the women were only called wives.

The 16 ‘Kadawgyi’ were appointed directly by the King in the Golden Palace, and the ‘Kadawgyi’ are try to do their best not to neglect their responsibilities in the rear of the palace.

Those ‘Kadawgyi’ usually have to enter the palace without difficulty, but they have to do one of the most important duties without fail.

This means that all the 16 Kadawgyi are going to participate without fail in the ceremony held at the west palace, where the ladies and gentlemen of the whole palace are kicking the queen’s head.

In this ceremony
Out of the 16 Kadawgyi, the 4 highest-ranking Kadawgyi were assigned as the four Kadawgyi in question.

In the past, these four elders were responsible for mediating between the king and the queen and princesses of the western palace under the name of “Moung Ma Saiyet”.

In the ceremony, there were only the princesses of the king’s daughter, who sat with velvet mats in front of the 16 Kadawgyi, and behind those princesses, the 16 Kadawgyi were divided left and right, eight on each side.

In such a place, Kadawgyi on the right should be considered to have a higher position than Kadawgyi on the left.

In this way, when 8 people sit on each side, the 2 Kadawgyi who have the highest position among the 8 are seated in front and back, and the remaining 6 sit in line behind the 2 Kadawgyi.

On the right side, the 2 Kadawgyi, who came forward separately, and On the left, the 2 Kadawgyi who are in the front are also the four Kadawgyi who will answer the three questions asked by the King on behalf of the people.

When it was time for the ceremony to be held in the west palace, the king and chief queen , came to the Padumathana throne in the wes palace.

A minister who took the responsibility of asking questions on behalf of the King asked –

“Is the domestic situation peaceful?”

Are the three rains aligned?

Do women respect men?”

Then, Kadawgyi who sat at the top right answered –

“The internal affairs are peaceful.

The three rains are straight and united.

Women respects men.”

After having vise-versa, the ceremony is held in order even after it is finished.

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