“Khmer Bronze”

“How much do you know about the origins of the Khmer bronze statues at Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, where the Great Buddha of Mandalay is located?”

As far as you know, these statues have changed over the centuries and spread to ASEAN countries. Tourist pictures.

Although it is a statue, it is not a statue of God. God figures. In the beginning, the bronze statues of Angkot Temple were among the valuable items taken by Thailand in 1431 when they conquered Cambodia and took more than 30 powerful statues to Thailand. This is the beginning of the ASEAN friendship tour of bronze idols.

Khmer Bronze

In 1564, King Bayintnaung (King Bayintnaung) raided Ayutthaya and took these bronze statues to Bago again.
It wasn’t Fri after that
During the reign of his son King Nanda, King Raja of Rakhine attacked and destroyed Hansawaddi and took the large Khmer bronze statues to the north again.

The big Khmer bronze statues in Angkor Wat have become Thai children. Be a Bagu child, While being an Arakan citizen and alternating…… King Bodaw of Amarapura attacked and captured the throne of North U and brought the statue of Mahamyat Munisin to Amarapura.

A broken chain of history
It is said that these large bronze figures were originally in the Angkor Wat Temple and were revered by the Khmers as very powerful divine figures.
To this day, the Khmers believe that these bronze idols have special healing powers, which can heal ailments by just touching them.

It seems that the news of the Khmer bronze idols, which are very powerful and cure diseases, has spread to neighboring ASEAN countries.
Therefore, every king who can fight
They take these idols to their own country with care.

Six centuries have passed, but today’s Khmers in Cambodia seem to have not forgotten their ancient heritage in Mandalay.

There is no custom to claim back any items (war booty) that were seized because of war.

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