When Shooting Long Exposure


1. How many stops to shoot with a filter must be changed depending on the lighting conditions and wind speed. When it’s very windy, if you shoot the clouds with priority L.E, don’t shoot for many seconds. It usually doesn’t look good. It is the same way to shoot waterfalls and dams. But not a martyr. Sometimes there are many beautiful pictures with long time. The person behind the camera is more important than the theory.

2. If you shoot L.E in the evening, don’t shoot for many minutes. Don’t shoot for 5 or 6 minutes, especially when the sun is about to set. I’m shooting in manual mode, so the exposure is as I set it. Because it doesn’t change according to the external lighting conditions, if it’s bright or dark, you won’t get the beautiful L.E picture you want. At sunset, you should only use 4 stops or 6 stops. When the sun is about to set, the sun goes away very quickly.

3. When shooting L.E, I usually turn off Auto focus and VR. I feel that the picture looks better with VR off. This point is really yes, No, I don’t know. Because it’s a personal feeling. However, don’t turn off VR when it’s windy. And keep the tripod from moving at all. Some tripods even have small hooks on the neck for attaching bags. Attach something heavy (or a backpack) to it and keep the tripod steady. It is important that the tripod remains still while shooting L.E. The camera does not move for a full minute.


4. You can’t shoot L.E without a filter holder. There are simple circular ND filters. If you don’t need a GND filter, you can shoot with a simple ND filter. The filter holder is used because it will be shot together with GND / ND. The filter holder has slots for 3 filters to be used together. You can even use the CPL together with the adapter ring. If you don’t have a 15 stop ND and still want to shoot, you can add 10 stop + 5 stop to make 15 stop. There are also circular variable ND filters that can be adjusted from 2 stops to 8 stops. There are also skew type 10 stop ND filters like the HOYA PROND 1000 10 Stop Filter. Can be used as needed.

5. For beginners, the picture I take while studying will come out as a good picture. It is likely that it will not come out. Try taking different shots with different settings in one composition. (For L.E, try changing various F stops and shutter speeds). Then you will automatically guess how much exposure is more convenient in which situation.

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