Liechtenstein Or The Kingdom Of Peace


The country of Liechtenstein is full of peculiarities. Although it is a very rich country, it does not have its own currency. I don’t have my own language. This small country is said to be the second least visited country in Europe.

There are only 38,000 in the whole country. There is no production and consumption of private currency. We use Swiss francs and speak German. The country’s largest city has only 6,000 homes.

But the country’s GDP is the second highest in the world. These country is no international debt. The country is located on the famous Alps mountain range. There is no airport and no border. Even the lowest land in the country is 1,400 feet above sea level.

Triesenberg, Liechtenstein, 20th August 2018:- A view of Triesenberg in central Liechtenstein. Triesenberg is the largest municipality in Liechtenstein at 30 square kilometres.

Along with strong wealth, there are industries. The products are electrical appliances, dental supplies; We manufacture optical products and medical products.

It is one of the least crime-ridden countries in the world, with only one murder in 1997, according to the latest records. If the sentence is more than two years, they will be transferred to Austria.

In 2011, you could rent an entire country for about $7,000,000. One dinner. You will receive 150 guest rooms and a commemorative key. And you will be invited to taste Prince Han-Adam II’s wine.

So far, no one has accepted this invitation. In Liechtenstein, lunch time is officially set from noon to 1:30 p.m., and no noise of any kind is allowed during that time.

These country has not had an army since 1868. Closer to home, Switzerland did not invade by accident. This is when the Swiss forces accidentally entered the border forest between the two countries.

45 percent of the country’s workforce are foreign workers. Most of them are working in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. But unemployment in his country is almost unheard of.

As of 2016, there are only 406 officially registered unemployed people. In this, those who take maternity leave are included in the calculation. Looking at the percentage, it is only 2.1. Taxes are almost non-existent.

Even though it is an autocratic monarchy, it is a democratic system of governance. Decisions are made by consensus. The royal family is the richest in Europe. Unlike the British royal family, their net worth is up to $5 billion.

If you compare the number of medals won by the population of other countries, Liechtenstein is second. With a population of 38,000 and exactly ten Olympic gold medals. It’s not surprising that the prizes from the alpine ski competitions.

Liechtenstein’s national day is August 15. On that day, every citizen will be invited to Vaduz Castle and will receive the crown prince’s hospitality in the garden. The royal family must meet freely.

This small country has 11 municipal governments. If you are not happy in the business, you can quit at any time, but no one quits. It’s the happiest place in the world, so who wants to quit their job?

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