Lionel Messi Revealed that ” I
know God will give me a gift “

Lionel Messi’s wishes have been fulfilled. In the 2022 World Cup hosted by Qatar, the Argentina team reached the final and beat the current champion, France, who came with hopes of a double championship, in extra time. Played until penalties and won the championship.

It was the 3rd World Cup victory for Argentina and made Lionel Messi a complete player.

Messi has now led Argentina in the best game in the World Cup. Messi, who scored 5 goals and created 3 goals during the tournament, also scored 2 goals in the final. If Mbappe, the shining striker of the French side, had not scored a hat trick, the Golden Boot award would have gone to Messi. But Messi is already satisfied with the World Cup.

“I know that God will give me this gift (the World Cup). I also felt that this year’s World Cup would be that (a gift from God).”

“It took a long time to get to this day. But now it has happened. We have suffered a lot. But in the end, I was able to overcome everything. I can’t wait to go back to Argentina,” Messi said in an interview after the game about the World Cup victory.

Messi played the 26th World Cup game last night and was the player who played the most games in history. After scoring the opening goal against France, Messi also became the first footballer to score in every losing match (round of 16, quarter, semi and final) in the history of the World Cup.



Argentina fans came thousands of miles away to cheer for their favorite football player and their team. At every game in Argentina, about 30,000 White and Blue fans were present both inside and outside the field and cheered them on. The support of the fans who remained in Argentina spread like a storm over social media.

At the end of last night’s game, hundreds of thousands of fans in the capital city of Buenos Aires had a resounding victory and were waiting for their heroes to come home.

This World Cup was the second World Cup held on Asian soil, and just like the first time (2002), South American team Argentina (Brazil in 2002) defeated European team France (Germany in 2002) and became the champion.

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