Lovely Traditional ‘Thanakha’ Of Burma

The majority of Burmese people, regardless of age or weather, apply Thanakha from the time they are born.
Thanakha was written about in literature, and can be found in the poems of the 14th-century poet, consort of Mon King Razadhiraz and the 15th-century the famous monk poet, Maharatsara. In some parts of Myanmar, Thanakha  festivals are held every year on the event of Thingyan.

The lovely tradition of the Burmese people to wash the statues of gods with Thanaka juice and get merit is still there today.Thanakha has been decorated with smears since more than 2,000 years ago.

To apply Thanakha it is need Kyaopin and Thanakha stem

Now in the 21st century, Thanakha is widely used all over the world, and the benefits of Thanakha are being discovered. The scientific name of Thanakha is Limonia acidissima (Roxb). Thanakha is a very useful plant in Myanmar traditional medicine.

Due to the rich content of Vitamin E in Tanaka, dark spots and freckles; Prevents uneven skin due to sunburn and inflammation of the skin due to bacteria.

Thanakha regulates the water level, so it does not dry out the skin and makes it soft and supple.

Thanakha leaves:

Thanaka leaves are a useful medicine for convulsive diseases like epilepsy.

Thanakha fruit:

Thanakha’s berry-like fruit can not only be used as an antidote, but also as a tonic.

Thanakha fruits and leaves

Thanakha stem:

The bark of Thanakha is the Thanakha block that we apply as Thanakha. As you already know, the extract of Thanakha from the juice of Thanakha blocks cools and smoothes the skin. It protects against acne breakouts. Thanakha contains SPF, so it fully protects against sunburn. The cool and subtle scent of Thanakha is refreshing.

Thanakha stem (main applying part)

Thanaka root:

Thanaka root is very useful as medicine. Therefore, it is the most used in Myanmar traditional medicine.

Thanakha roots ( for medical uses)

The medicinal uses of Thanakha

(1) Protects from sunburn.

(2) For wet warts, apply  to a tanabata block in a little lemon juice.

(3) For acne scars, apply thick paste day and night.

(4) By applying a small amount of salt to the  Thanakha, it relieves the itching of the penis.

(5) For hot water burns, by applying a thick paste, the skin can be restored to its natural state.

(6) For people who often have itchy rashes, use Karbole or Dattol body soap and apply it thickly after showering and cleansing.

(7) Thanakha can also be used as a medicine to treat heart disease and stomach ache.

(8) By applying  Thanakha, the skin becomes smooth and cool

Thanakha trees

Thanakha tree can be seen Sri Lanka, Western India, Thailand and even found in Pakistan and the upper-central regions of Myanmar (Mandalay, Sagaing, and Magway), Burmese thanakha is of the highest quality.

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