Messi Also Scored A Goal Against Mexico And Created A Goal And Signed A New Record.


Argentina striker Messi, who was able to score with a shot from the top of the area against Mexico, has equaled Maradona’s World Cup goals (8 goals). Among the Argentinians, only Bertisuta (10 goals) can score more World Cup goals than Messi.


Not only did Messi score in this match, but he also assisted Anzo Fernandez. Therefore, after 1966, he was able to score a goal in a World Cup match. The youngest player who can also create a goal He also set a record as the oldest player.

As the group leader, Argentina also advanced to the next stage.

Full Time: Poland 0-2 Argentina
The Polish team could not compete with the Argentine team for the whole game and lost with second half goals. Messi didn’t take a penalty in the first half, but not long after the start of the second half, Brighton midfielder Alistair scored the lead goal for Arjen. After that, Alvarez scored the second goal again.


Argentina would be play against the Australia in the 16 Round.

Lionel Messi has never been out of the group stage of a tournament in his career for club and country. Although Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia in the opening match of the World Cup, it was uncertain to advance to the next round, but they defeated Mexico and Poland and qualified for the knockout stage as group winners.

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