Most beautiful Princess ‘Myie Long’ Among King Minton’s Daughters

‘Myie Long’ princess with the title of “Sothiri Kethawathy” was the youngest and most beautiful princess among the 11 princess who were allowed to wear the “Namattaka” ornament.

Myie Long princess was born in 1230 from King Min Tong’s most beautiful consort, ‘Tharasein’, and was the youngest of the three daughters. In addition, she was the one who always accompanied the queen mother and the steward’s quarters near the king’s palace, and was also loved by the king’s father.

During the reign of King Thipao, her mother, and her three sisters were the second royal family to remain in the West Palace. The first family to remain in the West Palace during King Thipao’s reign was the family of queen ‘Taung Saungtaw’, the queen of the middle palace.

Myie Long, who was only 17 years old at the time of the loss of the throne of the Khon Pao Dynasty, was sent to Yangon together with her mother and older sister. She inherited some acres of land from her mother in the 6-acre Tharasein mansion on Lancaster Road in Yangon.

When she was 26 years old, she married Prince Colin, the son of Queen Thanaziri, who was her half-brother. After marrying Prince Colin, she gave birth to a daughter and a son. Two years after the birth of his son, in 1260, a third daughter was born and she died. She is only 30 years old on this time.

Her body was buried near Ngarhtetgyi Pagoda. A cave was placed near the monastery building. Later, it was said that it was demolished to build Master Go Inga’s seminary, and it was also said that it fell into the ravine on the other side. For unknown reasons, her Oaknan is no more seen on that day.

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