‘Naung Mon’ Princess Who Behaves Like A Boy

Naung Mon Princess behaved like a boy and when she was young and never married until she died of old age. Naung Mon Princess was born from Tharasein Queen, after becoming queen of her mother, a year later in 1221.

Naung Mon Princess was adopted by her aunt, Queen Lin Pang, and received the title of “Sri Soomalawati” and was allowed to wear “D-Namatta” ornaments.

After the fall of the throne of Konepao, she was sent to Yangon with her mother and sister and lived in a mansion on Lancaster Road. Her queen mother had bequeathed her 2 acres of land at the top of their compound.
The remainder of the compound was sold to the Coombs Company and is now a contract building.

Naung Mon Princess spent her life taking care of the children left behind by her youngest sister, Myie Long Princess, along with her younger sister Taita Princess.

Naung Mon Princess lived in the life with the carelessness of an old woman and had to live a peaceful life until she was 80 years old. When she died in 1302, she was buried in a tomb at the Labyrinth Monastery, which is the burial ground of her mother, but as of 1990, the tomb has not been found.

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