Once A Successful And Famous Actor, Singer, Painter Ko Thar Gyi (or) Dway
(7 May 1966 – 11 July 2007)


Dway’s Beginning Life 

Dway is a movie star. He is recognized by the audience as a singer. Dway was born to father U Tin Tun Maung and mother Daw Ayye Thin in Yangon and was the first among siblings. His real name is Htin Lin (or) Thar Gyi.


Htin Lin (or) Dway is an engineering graduate from Y.I.T. A mechanical engineer, Dway settled into the art world before graduating. Before entering the acting world, I wanted to be a singer. Unexpectedly, the film was made by his uncle U Kyaw Hein. He first entered the movie world under the real name Chi Lin, later changed to the name Dway, and in 1993, director Kyaw Hein’s drug education video called “The Color of the Troubles” and “Wei Mee” The movie “Chang Them Sweet” started out successful with a lot of audience awareness.


Dway Married Ma Pa Pa Win (Or) Ma Moe Moe.

Famous Artist Dway and His Wife

Due to the guidance of his uncle, Academy Kyaw Hein, Dway succeeded in the movie world. He became a superstar who shot many videos and movies.

The artist and his family



Actor & Singer Life

In 1997, Dway won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the film In “Mother’s Footsteps”. Many big movies& Many video , We also shot commercials. He is a successful person in the music world as well as in the movie world. He sang more than 30 songs.

The artist at the Academy Award


Some Of Dway’s Successful Songs 

1. Sometimes
2. White truth
3. I’ll be away for a while
4. A question that doesn’t need to be answered
5. Mon Mu owner
6. Love again”

He was successful and famous with songs such as.

The artist and his famous songs


Some Of Dway’s Successful Movies 

1. The beginning of the end
2. The legend of the little bird
3. Moon kissed sea
4. The border of love and the wall of hate
5. Deception
6. Hidden flower
7. Genesis music
8. The hand that collects the heavenly coin
9. Mountains and blue sea
10. Crazy love that never loved

are some of the stories of Dway’s success.

Dway’s movies



In 2007, Academy Dway unexpectedly suffered a heart attack. On July 11 (Wednesday) at 5:00 p.m., No. (34) (C), Aye Thar Road, He died suddenly at his home. Dway was 42 years old when he died.

He left his wife Mo Moe and his adopted son Wayan Moe, whom he had been together for 18 years, and walked the path of no return. On July 10th, his wife died the day after Ma Moe Moe’s birthday. For his beloved wife Moe Moe’s birthday, he also gave him a tree of never-dying love and three bidos as gifts.

The last journey of Dway


The day before he died, he had been working on the car all day and when he returned at night, he had been working on the car all night. His wife didn’t wake Dway, who was fast asleep because he was tired from working all night, so he went to the shop for a while.

It was almost time for her husband’s funeral, so she returned home and found him lying face down. She was suspicious because she couldn’t hold her hand and moved, so she got worried and drove her husband to the Shwegontai Specialist Clinic, but only got confirmation that he was dead.

As a result, they brought Ko Son Dae back, and movie actor Kyaw Thu himself drove to the water-away cold storage facility. On July 13th, at 4:00 a.m., at home, he received the precepts from the Pang Sangha and shared water.

Then, at 5:00 a.m., he was cremated at the Reway Cemetery through the Reway Cemetery. Dway’s artistic siblings and other artists mourned Dway’s final journey.


It is intended to bring Dway’s ashes back and erect a memorial pagoda in the Chaw Wa Monastery. On July 17, On the one-week anniversary of Dwaye’s death, he fed food and water to the teacher of Ms. Simahang School. In addition, anyone can access When Dway shared the last beautiful photos taken as a memory, there were more than 40,000 pictures.

Ko Thar Gyi (b) Dway’s portrait statue and the Academy Gold Award he received are memorialized in the Academy School of Chaw Wa Monastery, which he built and donated.
Ko Thar Gyi’s latest film is a movie called “Midnight of the World” directed by Cho Tu Zaw. In this car, Ko Thar Gyi, Tint Tint Tun, It is reported that everyone is saddened by the fact that Sa Xoon Lew died before the end of this story.


A Work Of Art

Paintings painted before Dway’s death will be displayed and sold for 5 days starting June 1, 2009 at Azada Hall on 34th Street in Yangon as a commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of Dway’s death. There are 11 cars of Dway’s work, and the proceeds are donated to the press fund.

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