One of the heritage of Mayanmar situated in Madalay.

‘Yaw Min Gyi’ Monastery is the public legacy which is situated at the foot of Mandalay Slope. It was named after , U Phoe Hlaing, the administrator of Yaw since he constructed it.

Yaw Min Gyi Religious community was inherent 1866 during the scope of King Mindon. It was an old structure that is not quite the same as the remainder of the religious community during those days.

Since, it was a combination of Western Models and Myanmar’s Specialty and worked by masonries from India. The L-formed flights of stairs and the finished points of support are the aftereffects of that combination of workmanship and design.

Segments of the religious community was made of Ingyin wood, and furthermore finished with crystal delivered by a production line in Mandalay and brilliant pearls.
This exceptional legacy was hit by bombs during second universal conflict and wooden elements had been harmed.

Nonetheless, Yaw Min Gyi Religious community filled in as an exhibition hall during Yadanabon period which shows the different culture of craftsmanship from various nations.

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