Prince Nyaungote was born in 1219 (1847) from the Queen ‘Tantai Shae’. His childhood name was Maung Myo Yong and had four siblings. When Prince Nyaungote was born, it was 5 years after his father, King Minton, had ascended to the throne.

Prince Nyaungote was given the title of “Thato Min Hla Santu” by his father, and Nyaungran, his brother was given the city of Nyaungran. Therefore, the two brothers named ‘Nyaungran and Nyaungote’ became famous in and out of the palace. Prince Nyaungote is about 10 years younger than Prince Nyaungran, and he studied Burmese traditional medicine in the same way as his older brother.

Prince Nyaungote was especially skilled in the medicine of snake venom. While living in the city of Calatcutta, he treated and saved the locals with his medical knowledge.

At the age of 20, when his father, King Minton was died, he fled the palace together with his brother and went to live in Calatcutta, India with the help of the British. At that time, the Prince Nyaungote had no legally wedded consort and only 8 concubines, so he had no official wife until his death.

In 1242, 2 years after the arrival of Calatcutta, Prince Nyangote went to Yangon, and he and some of his followers interfered and destroyed and burned down the city and haunted Upper Burma. This is the plan of the British, and the purpose is to make the Prince Nyaungran and Prince Nyaungote as their enemies. Not long after, Prince Nyaungote was brought back to Calatcutta.

While fleeing with Prince Nyaungote and Prince Nyaungran, their mother, the queen, and their sister, Princess Kyauk Sot, were arrested and sentenced to death. However, because of the two princes, they had to remain in prison as a hostage.

After that, the queen and the princess went to Calatcutta where Princes lived until they died.

The British government paid Prince Nyaungote up to 1,000 rupees every month. Prince Nyangote had 15 children born from 8 concubines, and he died in 1259 at the age of 40 in the city of “Mursed David”.

The two princes always guarded their lives over the throne, but died young. Prince Nyaungran died at the age of 38, and Prince Nyaungote also died at the age of 40.

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