Prince Nyaungran was born in 1209 (1847) to the queen ‘Tantai Shae’ who had the title of “Srinanda Vyanmahe”, and was the second son of four siblings. His childhood name is Maung Myo Pong. His older sister died when he was young, so he became the eldest child. At that time, his father King Minton had not yet become a king, and his mother was still only an ordinary concubine.

It was only in 1237 that his mother was given the title of “Umar Devi” and became a queen and reached the rank of main queen. However, 3 years after she became queen, she was arrested in 1240, the beginning of King Thipao’s reign.

In 1215, 1 year after King Minton became the king, Maung Myo Pong was given the title of “Shuthamma Raja” and the city of Nyaungran. So, He was known as Prince Nyaungran.
5 months after the King had died in 1228, he fled from the palace with his brother Prince Nyaungote. But they were arrested in Manor Ramman.

Prince Nyaungran married Princess Ma Bae and gave birth to a daughter. But in 1240, at the beginning of Thipao’s reign, his wife, Princess Ma Bae, and his daughter were executed. Prince Nyaungran had a concubine named Khin Lay.

In 1240, Prince Nyaungran took close care of his father, the King, when he was ill. When his father died, Prince Nyaungran went to the British authority, Mr. Shaw, and had to hide. His mother and sister, were arrested.

His father, King Minton, assigned Prince Nyaungran as the governor, but he was hiding from the British because of King Thipao.

The British sent Prince Nyaungran to Calatcutta, India. A year after arriving in Calatcutta, Prince Nyaungran returned to Yangon. He asked for help to get his king’s place, but the British Authority never allowed it.

Prince Nyaungran, who escaped with only a single playing card, died in 1247 at the age of 38 in the Bandapur village of Calatcutta.

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