Prince Pyinmana and Princess Daramka


King Minton used to marry his sons and daughters according to royal family ‘s rules. In that case, there are not only comfortable marriages but those who are broken.
The marriage of Prince Pyinmana and Princess Dramka was not only smooth, but they were loved until death.

Prince Pyinmana was born in 1233 from Queen Kyae Myint, and was the only son. Princess Daramka was born in 1235 from Queen Ngan Zun, and was the only survivor among three siblings.

In 1240, King Minton was very fond of Prince Pyinmana and Princess Daramka, and ordered them to marry their children when they were old enough after his absence.

After the destruction of the throne of Khonpao, Prince Pyinmana’s mother sent him to Allahhathat, India to make him a doctor. However, he was not interested in working as a doctor, so he took a job as a police assistant.
Upon hearing the news, his mother brought him back to Burma.

Daramka Princess has literary education, astrology proficiency in Sanskrit subjects.

In 1263, the 30-year-old Prince Pyinmana and the 27-year-old Princess Daramka were married in Yangon by the queen, according to King Minton’s last order. A year after the marriage, the whole family went to live in India.

The couple had 6 children. However, all of childrens died, leaving behind two sons.
They later moved to Yangon, and when Queen Kyae Myint died, they had to move to Manlay to manage more than a thousand acres of land and oil wells.

The eldest of the two sons married Queen Kolin Su Phara, who was born to the young Myie Long Princess, the daughter of the Tharasein Queen. The younger son was married to the grandson of the queen of Taung Saungtaw , Suku Htate Tin Dwe. But the eldest son died of malaria at the age of 40 during World War II. As for the younger son, he lost consciousness at the age of 39 when he was admitted to the operating room for kidney stones after the war.

The couple lived a long and prosperous life, but after having no children, there was no one to manage the oil wells. More than 1,000 acres of land were expropriated. The end of their lives was not pretty because they lost their belongings due to the bomb damage during the Second World War.

When it arrived on June 3, 1963, the 90-year-old Daramka Princess passed away. Prince Pyinmana, who was left behind, also died soon after due to grief.

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