Princess Kyao Yite Htate Khao Tin And Her Daughters 

Princess Kyao Yite Htate Khao Tin was born from the queen of Se Ywor Tike of King Minton in 1235.

Her mother had only the rank of an ordinary servant, but she received the title of “Thuthiripaba Yadana Devi”, just like the titles of royal queens.

At her age of 12, the princess was forced to leave the kingdom with her mother, the queen of Se Wyor Tike, because Konepao throne was destroyed by British.

The young princess born and her mother had to rely on the house rent and pension given by the British government, and did nothing for a living. The bad luck came from coming into direct contact with the complexities of human society from a place like the narrow palace of the untouchable life.

When the princess was 5 years old, her father, King Minton died and when Thipao ascended the throne and the two daughters and the mother had to stay in the west.

When she reached the age of 17, she was forced to marry Yi Kwan, a Chinese, who was a foreigner, and had to find support for her life. They moved to Yangon to escape the taunts and scorn of the people after marrying foreigners. Eight months later, in 1251, her mother lost her fortune.

Here, Writer Maung Maung Tin, who recorded the great history of Khon Pao Minset, wrote that the daughter of a king who had married a foreigner was the case for embracing.
It seems that it would have been quite embarrassing for the princess.

The princess gave birth to two daughters, Daw Nui and Daw Hoon, who were born with her husband Chinese, Yi Kuan, and sent the two daughters to Pyay, where they lived a life of from the public. However, the princess taught her two daughters the customs of the palace and royal customs.

However, it is known that the daughters with Chinese husband did not have any contact with any royal family during that time, even if they did not dare to say that they were princesses of their royal family. Later, it is known that the tribes descended from Daw Nui and Daw Hun are happily making contacts with other nobles.

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