Princess Pyinsi Suphara With Great Talents

Princess Pyinsan Suphara with the title of “Thupa Bhavati” was a real Konepao royalty, but she experienced bitterness in her life. During the reign of the great-grandfather Tharyawati Min, Queen Kyapeng, who was the stewardess of the princess of Pyinsi, was executed because she was punished by the king.

Her mother, Queen Magwe, was the one who divorced King Minton. Her biological sister, Princess Minkhin Suphara, was also a disobedient servant during the reign of Thipao and was accused of adultery and suffered humiliation.

Photo of Pyinsi Suphara

She was faced with these complex cases, and the case of his grandmother and mother was not directly related to the Princess of Pyinsi, but in the last case, his sister Minkhin Suphura, who was arrested along with his sister Pyinsi Suphara and his mother, Queen Magwe, and in the end, they ended up as a slave to God.

But the princess didn’t blame anyone and was able to tolerate her past life only because of her regrets. The reason is that the case of her sister, Queen Minkhin Suphara, arose during the reign of Thipao, and it was known that it arose from the dissatisfaction of Queen Suphara Let.

But, when King Thipao and Queen Suphara Letwere saddened in Yadanar Giri during their slave life, Princess Pyinsi was one of the “Suphara” princesses who accompanied Yadanar Giri after being battered by the waves and the wind, showing her tolerance and faithfulness.

Pyinsi Su Phara was born in the year 1223 of Mandalay Mya Nangsin Kyaw Shwe Nang Taw from Queen Magwe Phara. There were three siblings, but her brother Lekaing Prince passed away when she was young, so only two sisters, Minkhin Princess and Pyinsi Princess, were left.

When Queen Magwe came down from the palace, she remained motherless in the palace together with her sister Minkhin, and during Thipao’s reign, she was accused by her sister and was arrested. The sad thing is that his older sister Minkhin was sentenced to death in prison.

After her sister death, Princess Pyinsi lived with Queen Magwe at the Aung Nang Avenue mansion in Mandalay. Princess Pyinsi was considered a second-class princess and was given a pension of 100 and a house rent of 60. Princess Pyinsi and Queen Magwe had to live the lives of one mother and one daughter and her slave life for 3 years. Queen Magwe passed away in 1250.

Princess Pyinsi, as her life partner, was like a drowning man reaching for a straw, and as her life partner, he carried oil to her house and sold it. His name was U Maung Maung Pe, an oil carrier.

But the princess didn’t feel sorry for her actions and didn’t see it as a shameful thing. She faced the world bravely as she knew only herself. Pyinsi Princess and U Maung Maung Pe had three children, Pyinsi Kotaw Lat and Pyinsi Thamitaw, but only two daughters survived.

In 1273, at the age of 50, Pyinsi Princess was invited to Yadanar Giri for her brother King Thipao and Queen Suphara Let’s daughter’s ear carving ceremony. Among the royal family that visited Yadanagiri, Pyinsi Princess was the most senior, so she had to give her niece’s second daughter the ear piercing herself.

Princess Pyinsan died 4 years after returning from Yadanagiri at the age of 54 and was buried in a cave in Mandalay.

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