Princess Sampaelnagor : The one who got lost with Tapintainan

Tapintainan is the only dormitory in the western part of the palace, and it is as grand as the palace of the royal queens. The owner of this palace is the one who will become the anointed queen of the Taung Nya standard of the next king.

In addition to this, Pin Tai San Princess, who is the lord of Tapintai Palace, not only has extraordinary strength compared to other princesses, but also has to live by strict rules. In the history of Khon Baew, there are only two great female princesses, Supha Gyi (Singrak Devi) daughter of Tharayawati Min and Sin Su Phura Princess, daughter of Minton Min.

If Kanung Min was the eleventh King of Konepaw in the history of Konepao, Princess Sampaelnagor would almost certainly take the place of the main princess.

This actress is not only the prettiest among the daughters of the King of Kanung, but also the favorite actress of her father, Prince Kanung. As for how much they love him, when King Min Toon rebelled against his predecessor Bagan King, King Min Toon brought almost all of his consorts and children, but Prince Kanung only brought his favorite daughter, Princess Sampaelnagor, and his concubine Khin Si U.

In addition, she was the favorite princess of King Minton’s consort Sinkara Devi. Because of how much I loved and cared for her, I had to wear clothes almost identical to those worn by Queen Sinkara Devi. The gift of the king and queen festival In almost all of his departure ceremonies, the queen always accompanied him. Therefore, as seen in the records of foreigners, in paintings and scrolls, the princess is sitting behind the queen’s head.
It can be found that the pictures are also drawn.

In 1228, with the assassination of her father, Prince Ka Naung, due to the Great Sekon Incident in 1228, the princess of Spamael Nagor had to end her life as a great princess with the title of Devi. Not only that, but due to the assassination of his father, Kanaung Min, the rebellion of Prince Maung Do-bon Pahang, who had no faith in his uncle, King Min Toon, arose again.

Therefore, Princess Sampaelnagor, who is the younger sister of the prince, was also arrested and detained. However, he was released from prison due to the pleading of the Queen of the North Palace of Minton Min, but he has been separated from Tapin Taing, which his father would almost certainly get if Naung Min became the king. After that, the remaining father Ka Naung Min’s sons and daughters were given the right to maintain and control.

As for how far away it was, when Queen Sinkra Devi died in Nat Ywa, it was mentioned that her niece Shwe Gontai Princess (daughter of Prince Sinkra Devi) had to do the tying of her body, so it can be seen how much opportunity was lost for Princess Sampaen Ngor, who was Sinkra Devi’s favorite adopted daughter.

After her father’s assassination and her father’s assassination, Tapin Tay Nang lost her throne, and she was later succeeded by Maung Maung Thet, Maung Maung Thet’s nephew.

After Sampaelnagor Princess came to her slave life, she was only considered as a third-class actress and received only 50 kyats for food and 30 kyats for rent. But 4 years after coming under British rule, at the 45th year of her life, Princess Sampaelnagor, who was once the favorite daughter of the King of Kanung, passed away.

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