Princesses Who Sacrificed For Their City!

A historical novel, ‘The Old Lady in the Palace’ is a partial depiction of the life story of the rulers’s daughters, virgins and young princesses who were constantly sacrificed between the great Burmese royal family and their subordinate rulers.

In the old feudal era, princess( rulers’s daughters) marriage was a ritual.
Those princess were important in the political field in ancient times until they had to go to war because of their lack of continuity.

The following actresses are the princesses who have not yet been usurped as queens during King Thipao’s reign.

  • Sakar ruler’s daughter (Princess Sakar)
  • ThipaoSawbwar’sdaughter (Princess Satmyasein)
  • Tikepone ruler’s daughter (Princess Satseinou)
Sakar ruler’s daughter (Princess Sakar)

Most of the virgin princesses who have to be sent away are young women who are just over 10 years old.

In the past, the sending of daughters was a friendly gesture of friendship between the two countries.

Thipao Sawbwar’s daughter (Princess Satmyasein)

When the daughters and virgins who were sent in this way came of age, they were picked up by the King and raised as queens.

Tikepone ruler’s daughter (Princess Satseinou)

However, not all of those successive princesses lived as queens. Some young princesses had to live as virgins for the rest of their lives, even in the palaces where they lived.

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