Queen Lecha Or Shan queen Who Was Lost In History

Lycha City is located right in the center of Shan State, and the Nam Tein River flows through the city from north to south, making the city full of natural beauty.

Queen Lecha

Since the year 946, the emirate of Khun San Nya has established a city and ruled in the current capital city of Leycha, and it has been ruled by 22 generations of emirates.

In addition, when the British arrived, the Leycha emirate was the first of the Shan emirates to be loyal to the British, and was awarded by Queen Victoria for building a road between the city of Leycha and Mandalay.

Lecha City was located in the northern region of Panglong City where the historic Panglong Treaty was signed, and during the signing of the Panglong Treaty, the last emirate of Lecha City, Sawna, was a signatory.

From the city of Ley Cha, which is full of historical records. During the Konepao era, one of his daughters was sent to the Amarapura palace as a virgin. In 1216, 2 years after his ascension to the throne, King Mintoon bestowed the title of “Sri Thanga Mahe” on that little girl, and she became the queen with the title of second rank Mahe. Because she was the daughter of the Queen of Lecha, she was called the Queen of Lecha.

Queen Lecha had three children, but only one son was left behind. During King Minton’s reign, the queen had a comfortable relationship with other queens and did not seem to have any grudges against anyone.

Therefore, when King Minton became ill, Queen Lecha was the queen who gave birth to his son, but she had to take care of him closely with the five queens who were beloved by King Minton until the end of his life.

The Queens Who Were Closely Related To King Minton

1. The queen Taungsaung Taw : This queen was the queen of the Sinphyu Mashin queen’s side and was a friend of the white elephant queen

2. The Queen Seinton : This queen is Minton Min’s sister and the king’s favorite Nang Sue Queen.

3. Tharasein queen : This queen is the most beautiful queen and the most loved queen by the king.

4. Queen Thanazari : The beloved queen who slept with the king for 3 days at a time.

5. The Queen Latpansin : She was the mother of Prince Me Sai, who fought against the English, and the youngest brother, U Pho, was the chief concubine in the Western Palace.

During the reign of King Thipao , Queen Lecha had to live in the western part of the country like other queens, and when she passed away, her two sons and daughters returned to Shan State with the help of Nyang Shwe Sowwa Sa Saw Maung.

In the beginning, Sa Saw Maung, the queen’s son, Otho Gyeong Sa Saw Maung, planned to gather the Shan nobles and take back the Mandalay Palace, but the group of people was not equal, and the group was divided, and the young prince had to hide in Thamai Kham together with the Reverend Monk. From then on, the queen of Lecha, along with her son, had to be disconnected from the historical record.

In the book “Historical Martyrs of the Revolution in the Early Colonial Era” by Saxal University Aye Thant, it is also found that the son of the Queen of Lecha, who fought against the British under the name of Prince Bi Mi Tai, was arrested in the village of Tharek Farm, north of the city of Vung Dang, and was beheaded there.

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