Queen Magwe Queen Who Legally Divorced Minton

Queen Magwe was the daughter of Tharayawati Min and the stewardess Kyapin Miphaira, so Minton and her were half-siblings. Although she was another daughter of the king, after the death of Tharayawati Min, during the reign of Bagan Min, she supported the prince of the state who was on the verge of the throne. Her mother is deaf and dumb. More than 80 people who followed along with the grandmother, Mi San Mae, were executed.

Queen Magwe

Therefore, during Bagan Min’s time, he had to live with a low face. Because of this, the queen of Magwe spent her childhood as a lonely mouse.

When Minton came to the throne, she was awarded the title of queen of Devi, and she was honored as the queen of the throne among the four queens who reigned. After the birth of Min Tong and her two daughters, Queen Magwe had her horoscope checked and calculated by Queen Sinkara Devi.

At that time, he had made a prediction that he would be punished during the reign of the next Min, so he apologized to Min Tong and asked for a legal divorce, which Min Tong readily agreed to.

His two daughters, Queen Minpa Suphaira and Pyin San Suphaira, remained motherless in the palace.

After her divorce from Minton Min, Queen Magwe married a commoner and gave birth to another daughter.

During Thipao’s reign, Queen Magwe’s eldest daughter, Queen Minpa Suphaura, was accused of adultery with a disobedient servant and was arrested.

At that time, his mother, Queen Magwe, and his sister, Pyin San Supha, were arrested. They also included and suppressed the Queen’s grandmother. Later, all 3 daughters and mothers were donated as God’s servants.

Queen Magwe was freed from the life of God’s servitude only when King Thi Pao came.
Queen Magwe was considered a third-ranking queen during the British era and received a political pension.
However, Queen Magwe only enjoyed political pension for 3 years and ran out of luck.

Queen Magwe was not only one of the king’s daughters, but she had to be the king’s queen, but she had to live in disgrace and disgrace throughout her life.

Reference book : Over Konepao

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