Queen Sinphyu Mashin – The Ending Of Lottery Loser’s Life

During the last days of King Minton, the Queen of Sin Phu Mashin joined the ministers and held a grand ceremony to choose the court.

According to the royal election, all the princes were arrested and then Prince Thipaw, who was chosen as the crown prince, was appointed as the crown prince. After that, when King Mintoon died in Nat Ywa, Prince Thipaw had to become the 11th King of Khon Baon.

After Prince Thipaw became king, his captured brothers were taken out of the royal palace and placed under house arrest, while the princes were killed by the hands of his henchman Ranaung Maung Tok.

When King Thipao found out about this, he ordered that no more executions be carried out and that the brothers who were still alive were also put into religious order.

The exact number of people killed in this palace massacre is unknown. The person who gave the order to kill was not strong enough to point a finger at which person in history. It’s worth thinking about whether even his own hands killed him knowingly.

However, although it is not known exactly who was asked to give the order, King Kengwan and Queen Sin Phu Mashin, who orchestrated the enthronement of Prince Thipaw, were the most powerful people in the court at that time, so historians pointed the finger at them as they had full responsibility.

From the time when he lost the throne, the British government brought the White Elephant Queen to Dawei City. From there, she was sent to Yadanagiri, India, because her daughter Su Phue Lat did not like it. In 1891, the British government sent the old widowed queen along with her eldest daughter Main Naung Su Phue to the mansion on Winsa Road in Yangon.

When they heard that the White Elephant Queen, who was once said to be the main culprit of the court massacre, had arrived in Yangon, King Minton’s queens, who were in Yangon at the time, The daughters advised to visit the white elephant to hide the image of the past.

By the time, it was in 1892, one year after the visit of Queen Sin Pyu Mashin to Burma.

At that time, the queen and her daughters, who wished to visit, The queen and her daughters, who did not want to visit, split into factions, and those who wanted to visit decided to go and eat.

The Queens and Her Daughters Who Will Be Struggling

  • *Tharasein Queen
  • Taita Princess (Tharasein Queen’s daughter)
  • Princess Myie Long (younger daughter of the Green Queen)
  • Queen Thetsa (whose three sons were killed in the palace massacre)
  • Princess of the Empire (the youngest daughter of the Queen of the Seven Villages, who was executed by her three brothers, the Thirty Princes, the Prince of the Sea, and the Prince of Aothanthi in the court purge)
  • Taungtha Princess (the older sister of King Tut Princess)
  • Pa Nang Princess (the older sister of the King’s Princess)
  • City princess (the younger sister of the royal princess)
  • Kukri Princess (daughter of the Queen of Ten Villages),
  • Queen Thanazari (King Mintoon was allowed to pay a fee until the end, and her young son Prince Colin was left unkilled in the palace massacre)

Those who don’t want to :

  • Queen Lin Pang (with her son Kyping Prince was arrested for 5 years, and her son Ran Naung Prince was executed in the palace purge)
  • Naung Mon Princess (Though she was the eldest daughter of Queen Thara Green, but she was adopted by Queen Arieto Lingpang, so she did not crush the White Elephant Queen like Arieto)King Minton’s queens, When I was informed that the daughters of the white elephants would come to see the mother and son, they accepted and replied that they would meet.

Great queens and the daughters sat on the carpets in front of the hall in the living room of the White Elephant Queen, and were informed through the nearby maidens that they had come to visit the Queen Sinphyu Mashin.

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