If Queen Suphaira Lat loves someone, she is very affectionate and cruel to those who betray her.

What’s even more remarkable is that such a strong-willed queen was possessed of immense power.

The queen, who had a habit of giving immense importance to those she wanted and loved, had one of the young wives of Ranaung Maung Maung Tok, ‘Sin Chuo Malay’, learn from the court dramatists.

“There must be no princess in the kingdom other than ‘Sin Chuo Malay’.”

It was important until the order was issued.

Similarly, her half-sister, the daughter of the Queen ‘Thara Jasul’, the princess ‘Taita’, also became the beloved princess of the queen Suphaira Lat.

As such, among those whom Queen Suphairat Lat loved and cared for, was the foreigner servant Matti, who always paid for her money.

It is known that Matti had been a playmate with Queen Suphaira Lat from a young age, and had loved him since then. Later, when Su Pharat Lat arrived at the top of the sword at Yadanapa Palace, Mati also grew in power.

Once, Matti, who was living in the palace, had financial difficulties for his brother’s business. This was seen by the queen and asked:

“Matti has a brother, now he’s asking Matti for the money he needs to do a business transaction, but Matti can’t help, so I’m sitting now, queen.”

“What business does Matti’s brother still want to do?” the queen asked again.

“The queen of the resin trade”

“Oh, if that’s the case, I’ll borrow the money Matti’s brother wants from Shwe Taito, and Matti’s brother will pay it back when it’s convenient.”

There was an order, and the Queen’s order and Shwe Taito lent money.

But Matti’s brother had never been in business, so he didn’t understand people, and he gave reserves to people who were going to sell resin.

At that time, Matti, because of his brother’s irrationality, felt as if he was about to commit a crime, so he dared not enter the palace.

“Long time no see Matti?”

When that question from the queen was heard by Martti.  Matti went back to the palace with a heavy heart saying that because she was behind the scenes, she would not be able to avoid crime.

However, as Matti thought, the queen did not even mention the loan and forgot about it, which made Matti feel relief.

Although the queen gave such affection to Matti, Matti secretly took the treaties signed between Myanmar and France and delivered them to the British and Matti betrayed the queen.

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