The Queen Taung Saungtaw is a queen who was raised during Prince Minton’s life, and is the highest-ranking queen among King Minton’s four queens.

Among King Minton’s queens, Queen Taung Saungtaw has the 8th rank. Above him, four royal queens and three royal queens had.

Queen Taung Saungtaw was born in 1188, and when she grew up, she became Prince Minton’s concubine. In 1216, 2 years after the reign of King Mintoon, he was given the title of “Sri Thumaya Sandamahe” and the position of a monk. She was already 28 years old when she became queen.

Queen Taung Saungtaw had 6 precious children, and the three eldest children passed away at a young age, leaving only Prince Sku, Prince Moe Nying, and Princess Kyauk Sot.

In line with being a lover of children, the queen also adopted Sa Saw Maung, a child who had been taken as a hostage by Nyang Shwe Hoang, to King Minton.

In Yadanapa’s palace, Queen Taung Saungtaw was an ordinary person, and so she was closely associated with the Queen Sin Phyu Mashin, so she was the most loved and trusted by Queen of Sin Phyu Mashin.

Queen Taung Saungtaw was the queen of the dormitory, but her title was second level only with the name of Mahe. Queen of Sin Phyu Mashin submitted to the King of Minton and applied to be promoted to her with the title of Devi. In 1221, she became the queen with the title “Shuthiri Vaila Devi”.

She always used to send the festival food to Queen Sin Phyu Mashin, and they used to eat the food together. When Queen Taung Saungtaw have no leisure, Queen Sin Phyu Mashin visits to her.

By looking at this, in the palace similar to the prison, the queens are looking for happiness for their lives by their own ways. It can see that they were forming their own strength.

In 1226, the middle son of Queen Taung Saungtaw, Prince Moe Nyin, fell ill and died. In 1228, 2 years after the death of Prince Moe Nyin, Prince Suku, the eldest son of her, died again due to the assassination of the two brothers of Mekon and Mekontei.

Queen Taung Saungtaw was the queen who had the privilege of taking close care of King Minton during his last days. During the reign of Thipao Min, she continued to be honored as she was a good friend of Queen Sin Phyu Mashin. But her family left the palace and went to live in a house outside the palace.

At that time, Queen Sin Phyu Mashin, was competing with her daughter Suphara Lat. Queen Suphara Lat knowing that she was her mother’s friend. So, it seem that she was deliberately expelled. It was something to think about. But the queen’s life was peaceful until King Thipaw’s era.

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