Rio Ferdinand Praised to Lionel Messi as “The best solo footballer”

Rio Ferdinand, the former defender of Manchester United and the United team, spoke strongly about Lionel Messi’s play when the coach of Argentina lost last night.

Argentina played against the representative of Asia, Messi, With the goals of Julián and Alvarez, they were able to advance to the quarterfinals.

Last night’s match was Messi’s 1-year professional match, and Messi also played his best in this match.


The 7-time Golden Ball winner scored in the first half and gave Argentina the lead, and made a lot of creative moves in the second half. But the teammates could not make the best use of it.

Rio Ferdinand, who reviewed the match on BBC, praised Messi’s performance last night as the best solo performance of the World Cup.

“Messi’s solo show is the best in the World Cup right now. Those who watch this show are really worth it. Every time he touches the ball, the strength of a god comes out. We were able to watch not only him, but also the fans,” said Rio Ferdinand and congratulated him.

“Being on the field and watching him play is really an extraordinary luck. The performance in the second half is really good. Messi’s abilities His hunger gave his teammates a lot of opportunities,” former England striker Alan Shear, who presented with Ferdinand, praised Messi’s performance.

Messi was happy to be one step closer to the World Cup and expressed that the match against Australia was a difficult match.

“It’s fun to be one step closer to the World Cup dream. This match is difficult. I had to use a lot of physical parts and I thought that this might happen,” Lionel Messi answered in an interview after the match.

Argentina will play against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals. The Netherlands met Argentina in the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup, and Argentina won the match on penalties (120 minutes scoreless) and advanced to the finals.

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